Avoid spreading bacteria from contaminated expired products!
"Deadly Bacteria On Expired Makeup: Lab Test Reveals Old Makeup Has Meningitis Bacteria" read more
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Airborne bacteria can cause certain ingredients in your  make-up to oxidize and degrade. Be sure your eye make-up is fresh and free from contamination. Your eyes will thank  you for using the ONCE OPENED BEAUTY EXPIRATION KIT!  
Take the guess work out and
Mark Up Your  Make-Up to prevent using products past their prime and risking the spread of bacteria !

"My saving grace for deciphering what's old and what's new in my makeup drawer..."
                                     -Jenny Sue, Professional Makeup Artist

"Stickers like these from Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit can help keep track of when it's time to say goodbye!"
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Make-up used after it has gone bad, not only risks infection
but jeopardizes your good looks!
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Always refer to product manufacturer for proper storage and product life. Information provided herein is intended to raise awareness of the effects of expired make-up.
There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products.* *U.S. Food & Drug Administration ffer, christmas, gift, present, holiday

Disclaimer: Once Opened, LLC is not legally liable and is held harmless for actual life expectancy and resultant effects of any & all beauty products..