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Jenny Sue Makup Artist

Ugh, this is quite a task. I mean check out this disaster of a drawer, and it's only one of three! My reasoning behind cleaning out these drawers- besides the fact that they were an absolute natural disaster- is mostly because I know I have too much old makeup in there that should not be touching my face.

In walks my saving grace for deciphering what's old and what's new in my makeup drawer... Once Opened Expiration Kit For Beauty Products. I just received this kit in the mail (Many thanks to you Lorraine, somehow you knew I needed this product!) and have already been sticking these makeup expiration stickers on everything I can get my hands on!! So what and who exactly is this kit for you ask??

Great for makeup artists like myself who don't want to use old/expired makeup on my clients. A breakout or an eye infection as a result of using old makeup would be a disaster I want to avoid!
It's inevitable that we all forget when we bought certain makeup products, even our own personal ones in our makeup bags and drawers, so it's very helpful to have these dates right on the product.
Beauty products are not required by the FDA to have an expiration date on them, however, once those tubes and bottles are opened and air and bacteria hit them, they are on their way to being expired. You wouldn't drink your milk past the expiration date, so why would you put old bacteria filled mascara near your eye??
This kit comes with: small circular pink labels with a clear laminate to protect the date, tiny permanent markers to write the date of when you opened your products, a life expectancy guide for individual products so you know how long each should last or be tossed, small black box to hold all the contents in. The labels take the guess work out of "when did I buy this??"
As you can see, I've put these stickers on the products I think go bad the quickest and would make the biggest and bad impact if used after their prime. This goes for mascaras, liquid eye liners, cream and liquid foundations. The great thing about this kit is that it will eventually save me a lot of time and money, because I won't go buying more mascara and foundation than I need for jobs for fear they are too old, bc I know exactly how old that bottle or tube is by looking at my little pink label!

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Always refer to product manufacturer for proper storage and product life. Information provided herein is intended to raise awareness of the effects of expired make-up.
There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products.* *U.S. Food & Drug Administration
Disclaimer: Once Opened, LLC is not legally liable and is held harmless for actual life expectancy and resultant effects of any & all beauty products.