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Check out what Jenny Sue, makeup artist extraordinaire has to say about the Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit!
"My saving grace for deciphering what's old and what's new in my makeup drawer..."

Beauty Spots
By Catherine Saint Louis

AGING ANTI-AGERS Makeup spoils. From the moment a mascara or a face cream that contains plant-derived substances is opened, it is a petri dish for bacteria. But stickers like these from Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit can help keep track of when it's time to say goodbye!

Diva Locks

Do you have a hard time remembering how long you've had your mascara, lip gloss, or eye liner in your make-up bag? Do you have a teen or just discovered or has been allowed to wear make-up? The Beauty Expiration Kit is the answer to your problems :) Take the guess work out and mark your makeup with these cute efficient labels and never worry or wonder again, the laminated labels protects the date from oil, water, and smudges.

Ask Away....An Advice & Fashion blog
Did you know that if you use beauty products past their expiration date, you can actually harm your skin by spreading bacteria? EW! I was so shocked, I had no idea half of my stuff could even expired.

Ever since I started using my kit, I feel a lot better about my beauty routine. IN the process of labeling things I also disposed of a lot of old beauty products. I think everyone should add this to their vanity :)

Kristy's Place...Product Review blog
Just a month ago I wrote about the importance of knowing when to throw out your makeup. Once makeup is opened and exposed to air certain ingredients in your makeup begin to oxidize, degrade and start to allow bacteria to grow and spread. This bacteria can cause not only acne, but nasty rashes and even pink eye. If you'll remember from the last blog post makeup comes with a symbol that tells you how many months it will last one opened. While that's a great thing to have most of us don't tend to remember when exactly we opened our makeup.

That's where Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kits come in. These cute, and compact little kits come with self lamented labels, a mini fine point permanent marker, and a handy card with common the "life expectancy" of makeup guide.The lamented labels protect from water and oils that permanent marker alone are not resistant to. I love these kits. Such a great idea, making it easy to remember when its time to throw out old makeup. Also a great excuse to go out and buy some new makeup;) Very simple to write down the date opened and stick onto the back of your makeup. Very reasonably priced !
Kathleens Blog Spot
Germs and bacteria easily live on our make up.
I am one of those girls who go to the store checks out the latest must haves in make up. Usually making a new purchase coming home and it end up in the make up bag (or box). I canít tell you how many make up products I have that I donít even remember when I purchased them. I didnít know that make up even expires. There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products!

Be sure your make-up is fresh and free from contamination. Once Opened has created a kit that is a must for any make up lover! Itís so easy to use! Once you open your favorite product date the label and stick it on. This allows you to know when you opened it and when you should throw it away.

Once Opened Review

As a beauty reviewer and aspiring make-up artist, Once Opened is a must have. I'll admit that I have kept make-up and skincare products longer than I should had. A lot of products that I use don't have an expiration date, and some of the ones that do wears off quickly. I am able to write the date I open a product on the self-laminating labels with the ultra fine point permanent marker that is provided in the Once Opened Kit. The kit even comes with a Life Expectancy Guide, which lets you know when you should kick certain beauty products to the curb.

A Solution for Expired Make-up

What I love most about being an entrepreneur are the fabulous people I get to meet and all the wonderful products that I get introduced to along the way.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about my make-up purge. I clearly wasnít the only one to have expired make-up in my cosmetic bag. I heard from several customers and friends who tossed their expired make-up after reading my blog post. Little did I know that I would hit such a nerve. My blog entry served to remind women that make-up doesnít last forever.

A Vemayca Facebook fan recommended Once Opened. It is an expiration kit for beauty products that includes 24 self-laminating labels so you can ďmark-up your make-upĒ with the date the product is opened. After visiting the website and exchanging emails with the Founder, Lorraine Emerick, I decided to purchase a kit.
The 24 labels come in a wonderful box with mini pink permanent marker (very cute). I loved the cosmetic life expectancy guide that is included. It has everything you need to organize your cosmetics and ensure you never again use make-up that is expired. The website is www.onceopened.com

Once Opened...cosmetics begin to age
by Shady Lady

"It's easy to forget how long that makeup has been in your bag. It embarrasses me to admit that there are several items in my makeup bag that have been there for years."


Are they still safe? Most likely....no, they are not.

But I can't just throw away perfectly good cosmetics. That's like throwing money down the drain! Yet I want to know if that mascara is over 3 months old, because if it is, I definitely need to toss it. I wear contact lenses too, so it is especially important to be extra careful with eye makeup. But unless I keep my receipts, it's impossible to remember exactly when I purchased an item. What's a girl to do?

Once Opened has solved this problem for us. Their Beauty Expiration Kit contains 24 self-laminating labels, a permanent marker, and a Guide to Beauty Products and Their Life Expectancy. Now it's easy to know when a product was opened because you just stick a little label on it, use the marker to record the date, place a piece of laminate on top to seal it, and voila, you will always know how old that product is.

I received a Once Opened kit to review, and I was instantly impressed with the professionalism of the company and product. 24 labels may not sound like many, but when you start putting them on your new cosmetic purchases they go a long way. (I wouldn't recommend trying to back-track to label old cosmetics unless you know without doubt when a product was purchased and first opened.) So I can see this little kit lasting for a year or longer.

It's a great idea, and I'm glad someone thought of it! Once Opened has a website with lots of great information about the risk of infection and the importance of labeling and dating your cosmetics.

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Always refer to product manufacturer for proper storage and product life. Information provided herein is intended to raise awareness of the effects of expired make-up.

There are no regulations or requirements under current United States law that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products.* *U.S. Food & Drug Administration

Disclaimer: Once Opened, LLC is not legally liable and is held harmless for actual life expectancy and resultant effects of any & all beauty products.